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Taylor Morris

Hello! I'm Teacher Taylor. I think bringing student's personalities into my lessons is just as important as me bringing my personality into teaching. I am bubbly, goofy, fun-loving and passionate about learning. This shines through in my teaching practices. Fun facts about me are that I love pandas, my favorite color is green, and I have Halloween kitties. I also started learning Japanese when I was 12.  Please explore this website to find out more about me and my beliefs about teaching. Feel free to contact me for additional information.

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Interests and Hobbies

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Image by Elena Mozhvilo

Painting and Drawing

I am a passionate artist.

My favorite medium to work with is watercolor. I created a children's book  with watercolor illustrations. My second favorite medium is charcoal. It is messy and has so much depth. These mediums are not easily controlled. I adapt my art pieces to fit the their qualities instead of forcing the mediums to do what I want.

Colorful Pattern

My Skill Set

Through my educational and professional experiences, I’ve had the opportunity to build a strong, diverse skill set that has proven to be an asset in many different situations. Read below to learn more.

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Life Long Learner

I continuously seek information to better my teaching practice. Learning does not only exist in classrooms. I learn from co-workers, students, communities, books...etc. I know there is no limit to the knowledge and skills I can learn. This is one of my greatest strengths.

Image by Tim Mossholder
Colors in English

TEFL Certified

Having my TEFL certification helps me make lesson plans more accessible for students in my classroom. This applies to students learning English as a second language and native speakers. This training has given me a better perspective on what it means to be a well-rounded teacher.

Teaching Through a Pandemic

I worked as a preschool teacher and did my practicum during the pandemic. This was a time were teachers had to rethink their approaches to teaching. I believe that because of these experiences, I have become a stronger teacher who can translate the positive aspects of online learning into an in-class school setting. I am also prepared to teach online if unfortunate events in the future arise and prevent students from attending schools in person.

Image by Kelly Sikkema
Image by Hannah Busing


Collaborating with peers and coworkers helps my teaching practice become stronger. I also help others improve their practice as well. I believe teaching is a joint effort and this is why I have strong teamwork skills.

Image by S O C I A L . C U T

“As a classroom community, our capacity to generate excitement is deeply affected by our interest in one another, in hearing one another’s voices, in recognizing one another’s presence.”

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